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💥Announcing The Launch Of Uncommon Cartography's Partner Program 💥



Can you believe that 2017 is only a couple days away? 

In 2016, I had the privilege of partnering with tastemakers and influencers across a variety of industries (interior design, fashion, food, tech) including @danny.owens, @samuelanthony, @acooknamedmatt, @lanadmitruks, and more! Not to mention delicious brands such as Dueminuti, Shannon Koszyk, The Four Seasons, Tame The Beast, and so many others. Let me just say I collaborate with some of the most talented individual creatives and brands, and I have been racking my mind of how to help you all take your businesses to the next level and make more sales 🌟 

The launch of Uncommon Cartography’s Partner Program addresses the need of creatives and brands to be able to keep their prices competitive and retain more profit by selling to their target customers. This program will connect you with influencers and ambassadors for your brand, who we will then empower to sell your products. Ambassadors receive a 10-20% commission (you set the commission) on items that they sell through their networks (social media, blogs, websites). It can be costly and time-consuming to research, launch, and manage a program like this on your own, so we do it for you. Also, because we are spreading the cost amongst several brands we are able to keep the program relatively inexpensive. 

I am looking to curate 5 -10 awesome brands kick-start this program on January 23💥 Initially, the program will focus on outreach and recruiting affiliates, but as it grows I envision hosting curated pop up’s, affiliate happy hours and more! As you all have been working hard on your social media, websites, content creation, and marketing this feels like a strong next step. What do you think😊

Would you be interested in being one of the curated brands that we launch with? If so, please email for more details.



Ps: If you know anyone else who might be interested in joining this program, please forward the information along.

4 Social Media Tools To Help With Consistency


We did a social media series a little while ago that highlighted some great tips from Lauren Caron and Andrea Alder, but I know how easy it is to fall off the wagon. So I am back with some fresh tools for you :) In addition to a link to December National Holidays, below are 4 Social Media Tools to help you with your brand research, aesthetic and consistency. I recently heard that every day you should try to take a step to automate a common task. Please make sure to use the links provided as they are affiliate links which will help you and me ❤️


People Map

An Instagram marketing tool that allows you to analyze competitors, review influencer engagement, build lists, track campaigns and statistics - all in one place.  



Everyone knows your visuals are key to success on Instagram. Planoly allows you to visually map out and manage your Instagram.



Manage your social media in one place to start building your audience. Check out their free plan!



Amplify your organic growth and get more customers to your business today. Mention Uncommon Cartography for exclusive pricing.


Canva makes design simple for everyone. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and more!




  • Snug: A quick visual view of your Instagram feed, if you don’t wont to set up an entire account on Planoly.
  • VSCO: Great filters to help you achieve a consistent aesthetic with your social media feed.
  • Foodie: Just what it says, a great app for editing food photos.
  • Snapseed: A complete and professional photo editor developed by Google.

Social Media: December National Days and More


DECEMBER NATIONAL DAYS DECEMBER 1 World AIDS Day National Pie Day National Eat a Red Apple Day Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day Day With(out) Art Day Rosa Parks Day

President Abraham Lincoln State of the Union Address Bette Middler Born

DECEMBER 2 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery National Fritters Day National Mutt Day Special Education Day #SpecialEducationDay Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting – Changes Annually Faux Fur Friday – First Friday in December

Good Will Hunting Debut

DECEMBER 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities Roof Over Your Head Day #RoofOverYourHeadDay National Rhubarb Vodka Day – First Saturday in December Skywarn Recognition Day – First Saturday in December

A Streetcar Named Desire Opens on Broadway The First Human Heart Transplant Ozzy Osbourne Born

DECEMBER 4 National Sock Day National Cookie Day National Dice Day

DECEMBER 5 World Soil Day International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development National Sacher Torte Day Bathtub Party Day International Ninja Day Repeal Day #RepealDay

Prohibition Ends Debut of Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop Steinbeck’s Sea of Cortez is Published

DECEMBER 6 National Pawnbrokers Day National Microwave Oven Day National Gazpacho Day St. Nicholas Day Miners’ Day

DECEMBER 7 International Civil Aviation Day National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day National Cotton Candy Day

Willa Cather Born

DECEMBER 8 National Brownie Day Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day #PretendToBeATimeTravelerDay

John Lennon Murdered Mary Queen of Scots Born

DECEMBER 9 International Anti-Corruption Day National Pastry Day Weary Willie Day

Al Pacino Stars in Scarface The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson is Published

DECEMBER 10 Dewey Decimal System Day Human Rights Day Nobel Prize Day National Wreaths Across America Day – Second Saturday in December

First Nobel Prizes Awarded Otis Redding Killed in Plane Crash Emily Dickinson Born

DECEMBER 11 International Mountain Day National Noodle Ring Day UNICEF Birthday

UNICEF Founded Alexander Solzhenitsyn Born

DECEMBER 12 National Ambrosia Day National Ding-a-Ling Day Gingerbread House Day Poinsettia Day

Da Vinci Notebook Sells for Over 5 Million Gustave Flaubert Born

DECEMBER 13 National Cocoa Day National Violin Day National Day Of The Horse (Senate Res. 452) Pick a Pathologist Pal Day

First Export of American Furs Dick Van Dyke Born

DECEMBER 14 National Bouillabaisse Day

The Birth of Quantum Theory Saturday Night Fever World Premiere First U.S. President George Washington Dies

DECEMBER 15 National Wear Your Pearls Day National Cupcake/ Lemon Cupcake Day Bill of Rights Day Cat Herders Day #CatHerdersDay

Leaning Tower of Pisa Reopens Schindler’s List Opens, Spielberg Wins First Oscar

DECEMBER 16 National Chocolate-covered Anything Day Barbie and Barney Backlash Day National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Third Friday in December Underdog Day – Third Friday in December Day of Reconciliation

The Boston Tea Party Jane Austen’s Birthday

DECEMBER 17 National Maple Syrup Day Wright Brothers Day

First Airplane Flies A Christmas Carol is Published

DECEMBER 18 International Migrants Day U.N. Arabic Language Day National Roast Suckling Pig Day Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day Free Shipping Day – Changes Annually

Mayflower Docks at Plymouth Harbor Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Opens in New York Slavery Abolished in America Steven Spielberg Born

DECEMBER 19 National Hard Candy Day National Oatmeal Muffin Day

Titanic Film Opens in Theaters National Hockey Leagues Opens its First Season

DECEMBER 20 National Sangria Day Mudd Day

DECEMBER 21 National French Fried Shrimp Day Crossword Puzzle Day Humbug Day #HumbugDay Phileas Fogg Win a Wager Day Winter Solstice – Day Between December 20 and 23 National Flashlight Day – Day of Winter Solstice National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day – First Day of Winter Yule – Day of Winter Solstice

The Graduate Opens in New York A Beautiful Mind Debuts in Theaters

DECEMBER 22 National Date Nut Bread Day Anne and Samantha Day (also June 21) Forefathers Day – December 22 – Unless on Sunday, Then Following Monday National Re-Gifting Day – Thursday before Christmas

First Gorilla Born in Captivity Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony World Premiere

DECEMBER 23 National Pfeffernusse Day National Roots Day Festivus

Van Gogh Chops Off Ear Philadelphia Premiers In Theaters (with Tom Hanks)

DECEMBER 24 National Eggnog Day Christmas Eve Chanukah Begins – Changes Annually

Stephanie Meyer Author of Twilight is Born

DECEMBER 25 National Pumpkin Pie Day A’Phabet Day or No “L” Day Christmas

JonBenet Ramsey Murdered To Kill A Mockingbird Debuts Bing Crosby Introduces White Christmas to World

DECEMBER 26 National Candy Cane Day National Thank You Note Day National Whiner’s Day Boxing Day (Canada)

DECEMBER 27 National Fruitcake Day

Radio City Music Hall Opens Peter Pan by James Barrie Opens in London

DECEMBER 28 National Chocolate Candy Day National Card Playing Day Holy Innocents Day Pledge of Allegiance Day

First Commercial Movie Screened by the Lumiere Brothers The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Published Denzel Washington Born

DECEMBER 29 National Pepper Pot Day Tick Tock Day Ted Danson Born Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is Published

DECEMBER 30 National Bicarbonate of Soda Day Falling Needles Family Fest Day Bacon Day No Interruptions Day – Last Work Day of the Year

DECEMBER 31 National Champagne Day Leap Second Time Adjustment Day (Note: This is listed as an observance title only. Some years scientists do not make adjustments. But, if they do, then it’s done on either June 30 or December 31.) Make Up Your Mind Day New Year’s Eve Universal Hour of Peace

Thomas Edison Demonstrates Incandescent Light Anthony Hopkins is Born