💥Announcing The Launch Of Uncommon Cartography's Partner Program 💥



Can you believe that 2017 is only a couple days away? 

In 2016, I had the privilege of partnering with tastemakers and influencers across a variety of industries (interior design, fashion, food, tech) including @danny.owens, @samuelanthony, @acooknamedmatt, @lanadmitruks, and more! Not to mention delicious brands such as Dueminuti, Shannon Koszyk, The Four Seasons, Tame The Beast, and so many others. Let me just say I collaborate with some of the most talented individual creatives and brands, and I have been racking my mind of how to help you all take your businesses to the next level and make more sales 🌟 

The launch of Uncommon Cartography’s Partner Program addresses the need of creatives and brands to be able to keep their prices competitive and retain more profit by selling to their target customers. This program will connect you with influencers and ambassadors for your brand, who we will then empower to sell your products. Ambassadors receive a 10-20% commission (you set the commission) on items that they sell through their networks (social media, blogs, websites). It can be costly and time-consuming to research, launch, and manage a program like this on your own, so we do it for you. Also, because we are spreading the cost amongst several brands we are able to keep the program relatively inexpensive. 

I am looking to curate 5 -10 awesome brands kick-start this program on January 23💥 Initially, the program will focus on outreach and recruiting affiliates, but as it grows I envision hosting curated pop up’s, affiliate happy hours and more! As you all have been working hard on your social media, websites, content creation, and marketing this feels like a strong next step. What do you think😊

Would you be interested in being one of the curated brands that we launch with? If so, please email for more details.



Ps: If you know anyone else who might be interested in joining this program, please forward the information along.

Uncommon Cartography Influencers


Hello Influencer!

I’m Esther of Uncommon Cartography as well as recently launched The Uncommon Union. I love helping influencers and brands take their businesses to the next level??  

In 2016 I have focused on connecting with influencers and engineering collaborations between brands and influencers, coaching and mentoring individuals as well as building a rich creative community. 

Influencers I have collaborated with include @cooknamedmatt, @meganmlittle, @danny.owens, @styleandcheek and more! Some of the exciting brands I am currently running influencer outreach campaigns for are Shannon Koszyk (luxury jewelry), Tame The Beast (men’s grooming), MOO - YOUNG (premium leather), Brunswick and Hunt (restaurant) and others :)

I am now inviting influencers to sign up to receive VIP and exclusive invitations to upcoming events, product giveaways and more.  If you would be interested in receiving information about upcoming influencer campaigns, please sign up here to receive more information:

Also, if you are ever in Seattle please shoot me a message I would love to connect over coffee ☕️

- Esther Maria Swaty

Photo By: Josiah Michael Photography