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The Fairest Ones


“Little by little, one travels far”  ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Photography By: Talia Green

How utterly perfect that this blog is to be posted on Tolkien's birthday. His writings have been such a source of inspiration to me. I have always been jealous of his participation in The Inklings, an informal group of literary enthusiasts, which is included C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien who shared and each other's writings. You see there has always been a sort of magical power which happens when creatives combine their talents to craft and shape the world around them.

Photography By: Talia Green

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

As I sit here writing and listening to Sleeping at Last, I am filled with a quiet sense of excitement and wonder that the artists in Seattle have begun to leave their siloed corners to join together on a journey to give something beautiful to the city and the world. They have individually been working under the radar, quite often thanklessly honing their talents, and cheering each other on, all the while waiting for the day when they will be revealed. Each of us has the ability to recognize that unique essence of a creative, even before they are admired by the press or the masses. We don't have to wait for these artists to gain mainstream recognition, we can support now those who magnify the beauty for the common good. We can support them with our words, and with our financial investment in them + their businesses, showing that we care and we value what they are doing.

Photography By: Talia Green

“In this hour, I do not believe that any darkness will endure.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Artists are needed at this time, more than ever before. When people are divided, weary, and lonely this is when the power of art prevails. It allows us to see our life in the perspective of the past and the future. To see we are all interconnected, we do not live unto ourselves. We are empowered with the ability to lift up our fellow man. We can choose to be a hero in the story of our life. How often it is that the hero is not so dear to us because of the love he received, rather because of that which he selflessly gave.

Photography By: Talia Green

“Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

To those who continue to pursue their dreams in spite of the seeming odds, you are not alone. You are important. This is a love letter to who you are now and to who you are becoming. You see something, don't stop, don't give up until you release it into the world.

Photography By: Talia Green

The BIGGEST of BIG thank you's to the incredibly beautiful and talented people who made this dream a reality. This blog contains the behind the scenes images, another blog post will be coming soon with the select final images from the Yunkin and Daniel:

Photography By: Talia Green

  • Photos: @danieljshapiro @yunkinkeophomma
  • Behind The Scenes Photos: @greenteleaf
  • Venue: @the_ruins
  • Gowns: @belltown_bride @pmndesigner   , Justin Zachary Couture
  • Event Design/Floral: @kalebnormanjames
  • Makeup: @j0rdanr0ss @melissakornmakeupartist
  • Hair: @makahmatt 
  • Wardrobe Stylist: @julietandlou
  • Jewelry: @shannonkoszyk / @namikoabloom 
  • Food/Dessert: @the_ruins
  • Champagne/Wine: @preceptwine 
  • Stationery Suite: @greyandcake
  • Models: @annavina10 @noellejohnsun @diana_jean_o @imsuzijane @rodasfeker @_myfriendhanna

Photography By: Talia Green


The Uncommon Union Has Now Launched!


The Uncommon Union has launched and I am so excited to share it with you. It is something that I am especially proud of and has created a new level of excitement in me for the possibility of what the Pacific Northwest holds. seatle-lifestyle-photographer-lindsey-bolling-0224

Uniting the two brands Uncommon Cartography and Union Adorn, The Uncommon Union is the synthesis of the conceptual and the visual. Through our combined skill sets we are committed to supporting and developing these uncovered tastemakers, trends and opportunities. 

Lauren Caron and I met several months ago through social media, on a platform that has connected me with many collaborators and clients, Instagram. Quickly the online introduction led to an in-person meeting over coffee at Elm Coffee Roasters (one of my many #workspaces in the city). Hailing from two spaces of the creative world, Esther, the conceptual and Lauren, the visual we quickly realized that there was potential for a unique and untapped collaboration.


The Uncommon Union is driven to uncover and make visible emerging shifts within the spectrum of whole being and lifestyle within the Pacific Northwest communities and beyond. I hope that you will join me in following and participating in this new chapter.


You can read more about the story behind The Uncommon Union here.

Photography By: Lindsey Bolling




3 Tips For Using Social Media To Get The Clients You Want


I met up with Julia Amodt of Style and Cheek yesterday at Elm Coffee Roasters, and we had an important discussion that I think a larger audience (like you!) would value. As creatives, artists and entrepreneurs many of us go through times where we want to grow our business but not break the bank. Research has show that companies can expand even in down times if they are smart. It's true we aren't going through a recession, we are in a season of abundance. So how do you stand out? Here are three tips to kick start your growth:

  1. Tap into national holidays and trends.
    • When you are mapping out your social media/web content, take advantage of upcoming holidays (Check out track maven and hub spot for extensive lists. The information can be overwhelming so just map out one month at a time, at the beginning of the month), events (restaurant openings, new boutiques, book/movie premiers, etc.), and product launches that align with your brand and include them in your posting schedule (even if you aren't attending the events).
    • Don't forget to tag those brands, and add the locations/places, because you want to be on their radar as well as the radar of their customers.
  2. Join affiliate/partner programs.
    • Pinterest now allows you to have affiliate links, which means you can post your product on a board and link directly to your website. So get to work optimizing your boards to showcase your product in the best light.
    • If you are a blogger, check out two programs that my clients have had success with are RewardsStyle and Share A Sale.
    • Do any of your favorite brands have affiliate programs? You would be surprised, I have seen everyone from Danielle LaPorte to Amazon launch them.
  3. Post the work that you want.
    • If you are trying to work with specific brands then give them shout outs, if you want to work with a certain type of client then research the brands who have already captured your audience target (what is their aesthetic, what kind of content are they posting, etc).
    • Perhaps you don't have the budget to create that dream photo shoot or hire the perfect graphic designer -- don't let that hold you back. Fake it till you make it! Take advantage of Unsplash, a free stock photography website, and Canva, a site that makes design simple for everyone.