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The Uncommon Union Has Now Launched!


The Uncommon Union has launched and I am so excited to share it with you. It is something that I am especially proud of and has created a new level of excitement in me for the possibility of what the Pacific Northwest holds. seatle-lifestyle-photographer-lindsey-bolling-0224

Uniting the two brands Uncommon Cartography and Union Adorn, The Uncommon Union is the synthesis of the conceptual and the visual. Through our combined skill sets we are committed to supporting and developing these uncovered tastemakers, trends and opportunities. 

Lauren Caron and I met several months ago through social media, on a platform that has connected me with many collaborators and clients, Instagram. Quickly the online introduction led to an in-person meeting over coffee at Elm Coffee Roasters (one of my many #workspaces in the city). Hailing from two spaces of the creative world, Esther, the conceptual and Lauren, the visual we quickly realized that there was potential for a unique and untapped collaboration.


The Uncommon Union is driven to uncover and make visible emerging shifts within the spectrum of whole being and lifestyle within the Pacific Northwest communities and beyond. I hope that you will join me in following and participating in this new chapter.


You can read more about the story behind The Uncommon Union here.

Photography By: Lindsey Bolling