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4 Books I Am Reading


Social Media Tip #1: Create content that is relevant but also infused with your DNA.  I recently polled my social media audience and they requested that I share more about "my process" "work/life balance" "how I find clients" and "tools I use". So this is the first post in a series where I will focus on my process with social media, as well as include tips from some of my favorite people on social media. First, can I just say that this is a process of experimentation, pivoting and evolving? So don't feel like you have to be perfect immediately, or even a month later. I personally have found it to be a tricky tension of creating content which resonates with my audience, but also developing those things which I get joy out of creating. Isn't that always the struggle between art and commerce?

This week I am in luck because it's #readabookday and if you know me at all, you know that I am quite obsessed with reading and learning in general. I know that what I find interesting may not always be appealing to you guys, but I do try to lead the way in the fact that I am always looking to different industries, religions, etc. for that which is beneficial to the common good. I believe gold/treasure/truth is hidden in unexpected places, and many people miss out because they don't explore the random alleys and follow their curiosity down rabbit trails. Also, it seems that "open minded" has become a shield for only being open to what is comfortable to us. I like to be challenged and to wrestle with ideas that I don't understand because when I do I have seen it leads to personal growth. It is quite easy to turn away from those things which are uncomfortable but I would encourage us to have courage and turn into the questions.

What I am reading has a profound effect on how I feel. So I try to be careful of taking in the right balance. Feed your curiosity, feed your happiness. Here is what is currently in my bag (well at least 1-2 of them, otherwise it gets heavy):

  • Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown: On my trip to San Diego over the weekend I walked into a North Park bookstore in search of The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson (because someone had recommended it to me) but I ended up walking out with this book. As I say to anyone I suggest a book to, don't feel obligated because a book needs to meet you at the right time. This book aligns with my feeling like it's time to make some changes for a new chapter in my own life to begin.
  • Make Your Mark: The Creative's Guide To Building A Business: My friend Matt (A Cook Named Matt) gave me this book to read several months ago and I am just getting around to it. Definitely ask your friends and fellow entrepreneurs what they are reading, because I always get great tips!
  • Tears To Triumph by Marianne Williamson: I feel that it's incredibly important to process the things/relationships which happen in our lives because our past can have a profound effect on our businesses and our future if not processed properly. Lately, Marianne Williamson has been seriously speaking to my heart. Remember to take care of the whole you.
  • Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist: Fall is always a season of contemplation and turning inward. I begin to prepare now for the next year. This book has become a part of my morning ritual (now that I finished BIG MAGIC). I am slowing down and evaluating the components of my life - are they are deep or shallow. I want to be connected but much of life tries to distract us and keep us from making those deeper heart connections.

What are you reading these days? I always love hearing about new/old books, my list seems to be forever growing :)


  • If you are planning out your social media content calendar, then I would encourage you to take a look at Track Maven's post on national holidays. It's a great resource and will save you time trying to compile a list of your own.  It's where I got the prompt for today's post :)