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The Uncommon: Andrea Alder, Editorial Stylist


Andrea Alder, Editorial Stylist, (@andrea_alder) Top 4 Things To Know

  • What project are you working on right now: Currently I am working on a marketing campaign for a new building going up on the waterfront, a fall editorial shoot at the end of the month, and the launch of Human Sound Inc.
  • Who/What is currently inspiring you: I can't help being inspired by nature and the weather- I am ready to follow along with all the new colors and textures. I am also inspired by the NY Fashion Week street trends.
  • Where are you originally from: Mexico, from a small town called Leon known for its leather goods!
  • What is your comfort food: Homemade pizza with goat cheese!

3 Tips For Making Your Social Media Shine


I'm thrilled to introduce Andrea Alder, another brilliant lady that I met via Instagram (I tell you - definitely be on the lookout for your tribe on Instagram). Andrea is a rock star stylist and Seattle is damn lucky to have her. Today, she shares her favorite social media tips. I love her perspective.

Social Media Tip #3: Interact, Aesthetic, Shine!

Interact with your feed: We live in a world of social media, but that doesn't mean we don't interact with each other besides liking a picture here and there. If someone came up to me on the street and commented on my outfit I would thank them- the same goes for my social media. I think it's very important to participate in your comment thread, respond personally to my followers and engage in conversation. This creates a more genuine interaction and a larger social network.

Create an aesthetic: Branding yourself is like creating a virtual personality. Most successful Instagram accounts have a very distinctive aesthetic to their feed, whether is the same type of image being posted ( e.g. nature images, outfit posts, beauty tips) or the same filter used on all images to create a correlation between one image to the other. If you have a favorite filter, use it!! This will help your followers know when an image might belong to you.

Make it shine: You don't need to spend money on a fancy camera anymore to have beautiful images on your feed. While I keep a little Leica on hand for BTS shots of my work, I mostly use my iPhone for sharing my day to day life and inspiration. They key is good light, by this I mean natural light. Have a new necklace you want to show off? Find a white surface and go by your window. I find morning light to be the prettiest and softest so I like to take most of my flatlays in the morning, I also like to hold a foam core board on the opposite side of my object so the light from the window bounces off from the foam core and into the "dark" side of my object and this way I can create a nicely lit balanced image. If all this sounds like too much, try my favorite editing app "Snapseed" I love using the exposure brush to brighten areas of my image that might be too dark.

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