Beckett and Robb

The Uncommon: Curtis Bright, Menswear Blogger


Curtis Bright, Menswear Blogger, The Bright Report (@curtisbright ) Top 4 Things To Know

  •  I'm really excited about working with two of my favorite brands later this month- Filson and Beckett & Robb. With Tiarra Sorte (@tiarrasorte) behind the camera, I can hardly wait to shoot this project!
  • Right now I'm reading "Paul Newman: A Life."-He was a true Renaissance man - an actor, entrepreneur, activist, philanthropist, professional race car driver, and style icon. How can a person not be inspired by someone who accomplished so much in one lifetime?
  • I’m originally from Alaska . My family moved to Seattle in 1996 where I’ve lived ever since. Growing up in colder climates explains why Fall/Winter is my favorite season for fashion. I’m used to having to layer up for most of the year.
  • I am a huge fan of anything with broth and rice- Hot Pot, gumbo. There’s something about these dishes that satisfies my soul more than any other food.