The Value Of Personal Transformation


How do we call out the best in another? How do we embolden them with courage to face inconvenient truths which require personal transformation. How do we raise the honor given to those willing to do the hard work of soul building? To acknowledge not just the pursuit of financial success but to recognize the value of those who have failed yet continue to seek change in their lives. Those who choose to bring their failure into the light instead of walking as mere shadows masked by self-deception. The work of the soul does not happen at our convenience rather it tends to provide us with opportunity at the most inopportune times. You know when you feel most stretched financially, physically or emotionally. When it feels like more things are going wrong then are going right. Just like an athlete is brought to the brink to test their endurance. When we are pushed to the point of straining that is when our true mettle is revealed. When we finally reach out in humble recognition that we can no longer do this thing called life alone and that if we are to become the best version of ourselves we need the mighty help of another.

Usually we are brought to a breaking point, a crisis, an exact moment where we would prefer to pull back, to hide within - it's at our weakest, our least beautiful that we fear rejection if people were to finally see the fraud we see ourselves as. Our self-hate can become overwhelming. We need another to lift our face to look into our eyes and to say YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE LOVED more than you could possibly imagine. That love is what is desperately needed for any forward movement - our past has paralyzed us. The easy path led to destruction and now we recognize we are off-course but our perspective has gotten so soupy grey fog filled that we cannot steer ourselves back to what our hearts and souls ache for. We became complacent and settled for something that only now we recognize as inferior to what our soul would truly find delight and happiness in. 

Art By: Amy Judd