3 Ways Hiring A Coach Will Make Your Business More Successful


It's September and if you are like me you are probably thinking to yourself SHIT! where has there year gone. Not that we haven't accomplished amazing things this year, but the pressure is really on now to end strong. The challenge can be you may feel stuck or stagnant, either lacking direction or feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to happen in your business by the end of the year. Because as creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, let's be honest -- we wear a lot of hats! So I am writing to encourage you to consider signing up for three months of coaching, to help you get your marketing, strategy and social media in order for 2017. Here are the reasons I see that have helped my clients, and which you can benefit from:

Everyone has creativity in them. It's just a matter of unlocking that creativity. - Christina Canters

  1. Provides A Sounding Board: You may have a lot on your mind, and not even know where to begin. A coach is a sounding board for you, helping you to prioritize so as to not lose momentum or miss opportunities in the midst of all that is happening.
  2. Creates Room To Explore New Ideas: If what you have been trying this year has not worked, then it's time to experiment and pivot. A coach can help you review what you have done, expose connections and next steps.
  3. Removes Barriers: Whether they are mental barriers that are limiting growth, skills gaps or lack of bandwidth. A coach can help you identify collaborators, resources, and strategies to bridge the gaps and pave the way for greater business growth.

Please contact info@uncommoncartography.com to schedule your free 30-minute coaching consultation. I want to help you position for success in 2017!