The 5 Best Freelance Sites to Find Work


Us creatives are on the forefront of the freelance field, which can be awesome and challenging at the same time. As companies continue to focus on greater efficiency and the more marketing tools are automated we are being pushed to differentiate ourselves and constantly expand our skill sets. In addition to this, we will need to find people that we can partner with in order to compete with larger agencies and corporations. John Hagel III, Edge Perspectives:

“We're just in the earliest stages of an emerging and evolving gig economy. Very broadly, the gig economy is likely to evolve from a focus on routine tasks to a focus on creative work. As this evolution plays out, we're likely to see the focus of work shift from individuals to small, sustained workgroups that are driven by a desire to learn faster together. This in turn will lead to a shift from work that is defined by short-term transactions to work that is pursued in the context of rich, trust-based and sustained relationships. In short, the gig economy will become a fertile seedbed to help all of us achieve more of our potential and deliver expanding value to the marketplace.”  

In light of the ever evolving freelance economy it’s important for us to stay active in the new networks that are being formed. Here are the top 5 freelance websites that are on my radar. Do you have any you would add?

1. Upwork

Formed in In 2014 when two leading freelance networks Elance and oDesk merged, Upwork is now the largest network for freelancers! With three million jobs posted every year, Upwork has something to offer for everyone from writers and marketers to SEO geniuses and photographers.

I appreciate the flexilbility this site offers in that you can sign up for short- or long-term projects, and elect to work by the hour or be paid per-project. This site is #1 on my list because after a couple of challenges initially it has been the site where I have secured the majority of my small business freelance work.

2. Craigslist

Uncovering freelance jobs on Craigslist can be a little more of a hunt, but my experience is that the projects tend to be a bit more long term and often part time roles.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer features competitions that allow you to compete with other freelancers to win exposure and engagements. I have not received a project through this site yet, but just recently joined and look forward to sharing results in the future!

4. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs, a specialized freelance platform, is an excellent option for editors, writers, bloggers, and more.

5. Elevator

This site is a little newer to the field and still identifies as being in “Beta” but I think the concept which taps into building teams of freelancers is where we are headed in the future.