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Feature Friday: Studio Lola


Several months ago I met Jenn Tucker the founder of Studio Lola in Pioneer Square at the Urban Air Market. I immediately fell in love with the Studio Lola fox paper, and since purchasing have gotten to know Jenn a bit more. Her passion for bespoke, and hand-made items that are created sustainably has had a definite impact on me. I thought that you all might be interested in learning a bit more about what she is doing. So in honor of the upcoming small business Saturday, here is a business you should consider supporting :)

The following is Jenn sharing a bit of the inspiration, history and process that makes Studio Lola the unique small business that it is.


Studio Lola aims to provide home decor that gives you a sense of instant nostalgia for your own place and experiences, with a feeling of comfort, and an added dash of joy.

Originally inspired by the adventuresome spirit of my grandmother Lola (who also had a fantastic sense of humor and loved a good puzzle), Studio Lola has always been the outlet for my need to practice tactile design. After 15 years focusing my creativity in the graphic design industry, I found I missed my retail and three-dimensional design roots, and Lola called me back. 

Like the studio’s namesake, I enjoy solving a puzzle with an end result. The process of developing a product with a new take on an old classic brings me great satisfaction. For me, the research and testing is a part of the puzzle, which ultimately leads to a tactile creation from the very heart of my design aesthetic and personality. Making products for the home melds everything I have learned, loved (and learned to love) together: sewing and designing patterns; graphic design; re-creating a story; photography; home comforts; and sustainability. 


The way I see it, we could all use a bit of levity in our lives. I like to use my creativity and sense of humor to bring a momentary giggle, a smile of a memory, or a breath of beauty to the day—to—day of others. Studio Lola is my way of sharing the spirit of life, by curating and creating items that bring joy and comfort into your life and home.

One of the privileges of entrepreneurship is the ability to make responsible, meaningful, and sustainable business decisions in matters that can make an impact, no matter the size. Studio Lola values the opportunity to practice a livelihood that you love, supports other entrepreneurs and believes in always finding ways to lessen the human impact on the environment. That’s why Studio Lola donates a percentage of sales to non-profits with similar values for the environment and community. And whenever possible, Studio Lola sources locally made, 100% organic supplies from other small businesses.

I hope that what you find here speaks to your soul in a way that makes it feel like that pillow, or that character has always been yours, and has now found its way back to you, much like placing that perfect piece in the puzzle.


A bit more information about Studio Lola’s process, and materials:

Studio Lola uses Texas-grown organic cotton that is processed and milled in the USA. Studio Lola dye is from a small company in L.A. that is producing small batch, environmentally responsible UV process dye. It is important to Studio Lola that all aspects of the textile dyeing process are approached as sustainably as possible. 

Photos By: Angela and Evan Photography

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Make sure to check out @studiololacollection on Instagram as they are running a giveaway for this gorgeous pouch!