When people ask about Uncommon Cartography stories about unique artists and brands are immediately what come to mind. 


It's exciting to share about the talented individuals and innovative companies that we get to work with. Since our launch in 2015 our network has grown immensely. Our first projects were with photographers, then jewelry designers, perfumers and clothing companies, and now restaurants, makeup artists and venues.

We specialize in leveraging existing networks to maximize budgets and amplify marketing efforts. In addition to this we are collaboration engineers, if we don't feel like we are the best fit for your project then we most likely know someone who is - we have a deep network and can connect you to with individuals and businesses we have partnered with and trust to help you with writing, graphic design, product photography, interior design, and other project based work  (we've even been known to refer architects and building contractors).

We are known as dream defenders and look forward to learning more about your dreams and goals for this year!


Esther Maria Swaty, Owner

Photography By: Lindsey Bolling

Photography By: Lindsey Bolling

From working her way up the ladder in an events company (planning events for 2000+ attendees) to developing marketing and events for eDiscovery then advertising technology, to training sales teams in strategic business development, research and marketing, to a brief stint with a crazy fashion stylist in New York City, to becoming a Director of Business Operations for a talent and staffing firm not to mention all along the way having creative side projects which included everything from being a creative producer on photo shoots to a Seattle City Guide to a wedding planner to a band manager.

Esther pulls from a broad array of experiences (think creative producer to business development director), a deep grown Southern charm and a tough German no-nonsense. An avid reader and prolific idea-starter, Esther fell in love with the 1920's era salon of Gertrude Stein, recognizing in them a community and momentum that today's creative world is missing. She began inviting artists and entrepreneurs, techies and outdoor junkies into one room, not just to bring their talent and portfolio, but their curiosity and energy. You'd be surprised how many can fit down a rabbit hole, and how that hole may grow into a vast room of intellectual life. This understanding fuels her unique approach to strategy and marketing at Uncommon Cartography. 


Synaxis Consulting, 2013- 2015

Entercom, 2011-2012

AudienceScience, 2008-2011
Microsoft, 2008
EED, Inc.  2006-2008
Dynamic Events 2004-2006

Activities & Affiliations

• Arists4Artists, Member

Projects and Partnerships

• The Uncommon Union
• Cultural Ambassador with Northwest Polite Society


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We at Uncommon Cartography know that finding the strategic marketer that understands you and the needs of your company is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer one hour initial consultations to walk you through your needs, a brand audit, the scope of your goals, and your budget.